AMCRE is an organization dedicated to the interests of Mendocino County's retired employees.

Through its own actions and in association with retiree organizations of 19 other "1937-Act" counties (by affiliation with CRCEA, the California Retired County Employees Association), AMCRE can give the retiree a powerful voice that would otherwise be unavailable.

AMCRE is also a social organization for retirees and their spouses and friends, with four general member meetings that includes a luncheon.

About Us

AMCRE is the result of our founder Irene Lange, retired Mendocino County Treasurer-Tax Collector, leading a few Mendocino County Retirees who saw the need, in 1991, for representation at the County Retirement Board, the Board of Supervisors, and at the state level. These dedicated retirees created an organization with CRCEA affiliation, to band with other '37-Act county-retirees associations for such strength. AMCRE was the 20th (and therefore last) CRCEA member organization formed. AMCRE started small but now boasts nearly 1000 members.

AMCRE developed during 1991, as a support organization for retired Mendocino County retired employees. Enough retirees responded favorably to get the ball rolling. By early 1992 AMCRE held its first regular general meeting. AMCRE started small but now boasts nearly 1000 members.

More than 30 years later, AMCRE is a strong and growing organization for promoting friendship, unit, strength and growth for Mendocino County Retirees.

Tom Ingram


Anita Toste


Cyndi Montesonti


Cyndie Richardson


Jill Martin

CRCEA Delegate

Tom Desroche

3-Year Director

Dorinda Kay Miller

3-Year Director

Alice Langton-Sloan

2-Year Director

Donna Glass

2-Year Director

Ron Parker

1-Year Director

Raylene Lucchesi

1-Year Director


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We will review meetings and events at each Board meeting held to determine if it is safe to have a gathering. Watch The Connection for details of any upcoming General meetings.


The Connection is sent to all AMCRE members four times a year. Recent editions of The Connection are available for on-line viewing, by clicking the links listed below. The next issue will be posted here, when it is available.

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Breaking News

This is the page for breaking news of issues that may be of immediate concern to AMCRE members and other Mendocino County retired employees. We urge you to check here to keep up to date. Of course, we'll continue to write about issues in The Connection but that only comes out four times a year.

COLA for Retirees:

At its February 16, 2022, meeting, the Board of Retirement approved a 3.0% COLA as recommended by its actuarial consultants. The COLA will be effective April 1, 2022, and will therefore be reflected on your pension payment the last day of April. For those who retired before 1982, and have a balance in their COLA bank, your COLA may be augmented up to a maximum of 3%. For further explanation of the COLA bank, please reference the letter from Andy Yeung, Vice President & Actuary at Segal found on the Mendocino County Employees Retirement Association website under their Board meeting held on February 16, 2022, Agenda Item No.7. Feel free to contact the Retirement Office if you have additional questions on the COLA bank.

Scholarship Information:

AMCRE offers annually Scholarships for any student who qualifies to receive them. Please see the Scholarship details for eligibility in our Scholarship Section below.

Meeting Minutes

Date Minutes Comments
01/10/2022 Minutes Board Meeting
11/11/2021 Minutes Board Meeting
10/11/2021 Minutes Board Meeting
07/12/2021 Minutes Board Meeting
04/12/2021 Minutes Board Meeting
01/25/2021 Minutes Board Meeting


If you are a member of AMCRE, and have children or grandchildren going to college or trade school, please encourage them to apply for one of four $1,000 scholarships we offer. They can receive $500 each semester with proof of full-time enrollment. A student who is returning to college or trade school for additional years and for graduating seniors, or attending college for the very first time, please send a cover letter, your application and an essay including the following information: Your name, address, phone number, email, the name of the relative in AMCRE and how you are related, what department did they retire from, what college or trade school will you be attending, what is your major going to be if you know, what are your goals for college and the future. You must submit your most recent transcripts from high school (for seniors) and/or college (if you are a student), with two letters of recommendations from your high school or college teachers and/or counselors. If this is your very first time attending college full-time as an adult, and you do not have teachers or counselors that could write letters of recommendation, please have your employer or a past employer write a letter for you. Two are required. This is a generic application used by high school seniors, college students, trade school students and first time ever adults attending college. Please contact Cyndi Montesonti/Scholarship Chair (707) 489-7752 with any questions or email: tomcyndichili@comcast.net

Submit three copies of your information to: Ms. Cyndi Montesonti, Secretary/Scholarship Chair, P.O. Box 903, Ukiah, CA 95482. Your cover letter, essay and all required information must be received no later than May 31, 2022. Follow this link for the scholarship application.

Contact Us

To find out more about our organization, reach out to us via email at amcremendocino@gmail.com or give Cyndi Montesonti, Secretary/Scholarship Chair/Newsletter Co Chair/ a call at (707) 489-7752 or send an email to tomcyndichili@comcast.net

You can also reach us by mail. Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 903
Ukiah, California 95482



To contact the Mendocino County Employees Retirement Association who handles your retirement directly call: 707-463-4328, or email them at retirementassociation@mendocinocounty.org and they are located at 625-B Kings Ct., Ukiah, California 95482.


For more information regarding the California Retired County Employees Association, you can view their website at www.crcea.org.